ADIB Phone Banking

Mobile Banking For Today’s Generation

Banking On iPhone

No it’s not new. But when Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank decided to come up with their
iPhone banking app, they wanted to keep it relevant to the users. They turned to RBBi to work with their
technology partner to bring this to life.

Our Role

RBBi’s responsibility was to plan the app it’s user journey and finally design
the user interface for it. The technology partner was assigned to translate these designs in to an
app using ADIB’s core banking interface.


Planning & UX

We wanted to understand that tasks users would perform while they use online
banking app or any other banking app for that

matter. Once we got that we then sat with the

to understand the areas they want to focus.


So, the alignment between these two things

brought us to the drawing board
to put these in a structure. How many steps

would the task take? How do we push marketing

messages? These are and many more questions

were needed to be tackled.


Before starting with the designs, we carefully map out all of the content, and
define the most critical component: Wireframes. The experience revolved around a seamless experience
compared to the internet banking that users’s were already using. So we focused on simplifiying it and
still keeping it relevant.


After trying various navigation models, and doing tests with users, the team
settled with icon style navigation iPhone users are used to. Now the challenge was to design
simple and easy to remember icons for each banking task available in the app.


Retina ready high resolution icons

The Final Touch of Skin and Colors

The last step for us was to translate those wireframes from

physical sketches to
digital space. So the designs for the app absorbed the

look and feel of ADIB’s brand philosophy,
then refined and extended it to carry through a clean,

sophisticated visual experience.