RTA Dubai App

One of a kind experiment to co-design with users for a Public Service App

As our relationship with RTA ( Road and Transport Authority ) continued, we were
commissioned to re-design their flagship App, RTA-Dubai. What made us stand out at the pitch was our
User Centered approach. We called it ‘Co-design’. As a flagship RTA app, it was one of the most used
apps and of course used by the everyday user. So it was only fair to give them the power and get them
involved in all possible steps to get insights, to test, to get validations and to design together with


As we started this extensive and one of the most prestigious project at RBBi, the first
step was to understand these users and their pain points. Their motivations and the tasks they wanted to
perform, the way they liked to perform and the tasks and the Apps they currently use. This became the
foundation of our strategy.

Primary User Research

Once we identified the segments, we did extensive research with users to engage
them in identifying and grouping key RTA services as they wanted, as per their priority. Thus
the grouping and categorisation of these services was driven by actual users, including the
priority and features across the App.

Navigation and UX structure

Next steps was to put together a user friendly unique and seamless experience/structure to
address all the user insights we got from the users during our research phase.

The overall UX was again based on actual user insights.

Designing, The Non-Subjective Way

Design is the most subjective matter in the whole process. So we decided to remove
it completely. By putting together UI options we went to real users to test these options and
get their preferred option along with insights/reasoning.

UI Details


We took the most important and quick tasks to the watch making it relevant and keeping it user