Sky News Arabia

Usability Audit of Region’s Leading News Portal

Analysing Skynews Arabia

Regional news portal – Skynews Arabia were in operation with a successful launch of their TV channel as well as their news portal and mobile applications. That is when the brand decided to rope in RBBi to conduct a full Usability Study of all their digital touch points including their portal, smart phone and tablet app.

The right Usability Testing method

RBBi has exclusive access to Tobii Eye-Tracking

devices and a dedicated usability lab. However,

before we fired-up our Tobii T-60 and get the

participants in for the study, selection and

validation of the most appropriate testing method

was always a primary task.


After understanding the objectives and expected

results, we decided to do run Heuristic Usability

Review of all digital properties of Skynews Arabia

done by 3 Certified Usability Analysts

independently and Eye-tracking studies on key

tasks for the news portal followed by one-on-one

user studies.

Test Protocol & Review Parameters

We then rolled our sleeves, gathered around the table to put our thoughts together for a test protocol. It included

everything from tasks that we were going to request participants to perform, questions we wanted to ask and

observations we wanted to note down. Moderators were also briefed in on the protocol and the overall research



Since the heuristic review was going to be carried out by 3 experts, we wanted to have a common ground to get

an average score based on independent reviews. Thus we prepared parameter sheet for these experts to use as

their scoring matrix.

Final Report

The final report was prepared to include all findings from the heuristic reviews, eye-tracking research, one-on-one

interviews with insights, observations and finally the recommendations. Unlike most other usability agencies, our team’s

unique blend of usability knowledge and visual design expertise also added another dimension to the findings.

The Participants

Participants for this study were carefully selected to

resemble the actual users of the portal in the same

proportion to its gender, age and nationality ratio.