Our research supports various strategical goals of your business and provides you with an insights-based understanding of your business opportunities and challenges, in order to target their improvement and development strategy accordingly.
We use our research phase in the initial stages of a project in order to gain insights regarding users' behavior, patterns, and pain points throughout their interaction with the platform.

It's not what users expect

When your platform does not fulfill users' needs and expectations, it requires a user-centric approach and research.

It's not differentiated among competition

When your competition is able to attract and retain customers, it's time to rethink your differentiation strategy starting with market research.

It's not following a clear framework or strategy

When you are trying to follow the latest trends but do not know whether they align with your business objectives; we're here to customize your strategy by incorporating various research methodologies.

Here's What We Do

Below are some of the tools/methods/tasks we perform or use to reach the optimal solution.

User Research / Contextual Inquiry

Our team's expertise in conducting, coordinating, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative research is incorporated in enhancing your platform's overall user experience.

Usability / Eye-Tracking Studies

We rely on real-time users' feedback in order to validate and enhance various aspects during your platform's experience design development, such as its concept, design, and structure.

Competitors / Benchmark Analysis

We provide you with expert consultations through a comprehensive competition analysis for your digital product. This in-depth analysis is essential in determining how to improve your business' reach and usability.

UX & CX Experience Audit

Our experienced team relies on complete experience audits in order to provide you with a better understanding of your target users, eliminating any usability issues and thus implementing tangible and effective solutions.

Accessibility Audits

Diary Studies

Expert Review & Heuristic Audit

Customer Efforts Score CES Audit

Our Clients - User Research Studies & UX Audits

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